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MLB.com’s “Ballparks of the Future”

MLB.com has a new section on the site called “Ballparks of the Future.” Check it out here: Ballparks of the Future. This by far the coolest thing I’ve seen on MLB.com in a while. It’s very clear that the A’s and Cisco are going to create the most advanced and unique stadium experience in professional baseball when Cisco Field opens for business. I especially like how a fan can use computer kiosks on the Cisco Field concourse to instantly upgrade their seats after they’ve already entered the stadium. Honestly, that idea is pure genius! It’s a win for fans, who can instantly find out if better seats are available, and a great way for the A’s to maximize potential revenue for any given game. That’s the kind of innovative thinking MLB as a whole needs to continue striving for.

Discussion Question:
Would you consider upgrading your seat for a game after you’ve already entered the stadium if the process was very simple and easy to do?