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MLB.TV on PS3 is Mind-Blowingly Amazing

ps3.jpgFirst, I’d like to apologize for my long absence in writing new posts to my account here; I haven’t felt inspired enough to write a new post for a long time, but boy am I ever now. I just heard the announcement about MLB.TV’s availability over the PlayStation 3. (Snider, Mark “MLB on PS3 a game changer” The Globe and Mail. 04-22-2010) Ever since MLB.com went live, MLB itself has been light years ahead of all the other major United States sporting leagues in getting its content online. I have investigated the possibility of using MLB.tv through a PS3 before, but what disappointed to find that much like Hulu.com on PS3, there were too many hurdles to make it viable. To be frank, MLB isn’t just breaking new ground concerning digital media and sports; it’s breaking new ground for digital entertainment across the globe. Check out this YouTube video link to see MLB.tv on the PS3 for yourself; [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HD6bkJ3VZVI].

All I can say is; WOW. MLB.tv on PS3 is mind-blowingly amazing, and the folks at MLB and Sony who made this happen deserve the gratitude of baseball fans everywhere! From a Commissioner’s perspective, this first-mover advantage in digital media can translate into nothing but success. Everyone wins by having mlb.tv on PS3; fan demand for content is being met, baseball is helping promote itself by making the product more available (in addition to winning street cred by being the leaders in digital streaming media), and Sony has another unique feature that they can leverage in their quest to make the Playstation the central element in home entertainment. Oh, and don’t forget the fact that MLB has created yet another new revenue stream for itself. This development is just another sign of the prosperity baseball has been experiencing for the past several years.

Discussion Question:
1.) Will you use MLB.tv on a Playstation 3 sometime within the next year?

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MLB Network Debuts in 2009


Just like the NFL has done by creating their own cable TV network, MLB will debut the MLB Network on January 1, 2009. Read about it here: Sessa, Danielle. “MLB Network will broadcast 26 games when it debuts in 2009.” 2007-05-17, Bloomberg News.. Suffice it to say this is a dream come true for baseball junkies like me. I wouldn’t be surprised if the MLBnetwork becomes accessible online within five years time, or if the distinction between MLB.tv and the MLB Network becomes very fuzzy within that same time span.

Photo Credit: MLB holds all copyright to the MLB Network logo, image obtained from Wikipedia. I have no idea who actually designed it.

Discussion Question:
1.) What are your predictions on how the future of MLB Network will pan out? Will MLB Network fail quickly, will MLB Network & the online MLB.tv entities share content, or will MLB Network & MLB.tv actually converge into a single entity in the not-too distant future?