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Selig Hard at Work on Instant Replay

Commissioner Selig is hard at work trying to make instant replay for home run calls a reality in Major League Baseball. It’s great to see he’s keeping the issue at the forefront of priorities, and deserves applause for how quickly MLB is acting to make this happen. Read about it here: (Bloom, Barry M. “Selig: Work continues on instant replay.” MLB.com, 8-14-2008.)


Cetral Locale for Replay, Implemenation Possible in ’08

More great news about Instant Replay in MLB. USA Today is reporting that the system will mirror the NHL and use a central reviewing location (in NYC), and could possibly be implemented as soon as August of this year! The only “bad” news; replay will only be used for home run calls, at least initially. Here’s the article link: (Nightengale, Bob. “Upon further review, instant replay is on its way for HRs.” USA Today, June 16, 2008.)

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter that initially only home run calls will be reviewable. This is a first step in the right direction, and will pave the way for it to be acceptable for all parties involved to review other types of plays, excluding ball and strike calls.

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Instant Replay: The Sooner, the Better


I think that the sooner MLB implements instant replay, the better it will be for the long term health of the game. MLB is finally taking some action by making tentative plans to use instant replay in the Arizona Fall League (Stark, Jayson. “Source: Baseball may try replay in Arizona Fall League.” ESPN.com, May 22, 2008.). No more Don Denkinger calls in the playoffs; hooray!

If some kind of replay could be implemented at the Major League level, it’s only natural that all parties involved, including umpires, managers, and fans, would eventually grow to accept its use beyond home run calls. Commissioner Selig has the delicate job of implementing it in such a way that people don’t get upset about it, avoiding the instantaneous and drastic change that could lead to vocal displeasure from the aforementioned parties, let alone the media. It can be done.

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Discussion Question:

1.) What’s your prediction on the exact day MLB will use some kind of instant replay feature for the first time?