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Do the Twins Cheat by using the Metrodome’s Ventilation?


Besides fans’ perception that players have “cheated” by using performance enhancing drugs in the past, other instances of cheating continue to remain under the radar in Major League Baseball. In particular, I’d like to call attention to suspicions that the Minnesota Twins have manipulated the Metrodome’s ventilation/air conditioning system to push the Twins’ own fly balls out of the park, and maybe even push back opponents’ long fly balls from the fence. Where’s the proof you ask? While no concrete evidence has emerged, since 1987 Major League managers Whitey Herzog, Bobby Valentine, and Alan Trammell have all publicly questioned whether the Twins’ use to the Metrodome air blowers to cheat. Read all about it with the link to an ESPN article about it here: (Associated Press. “Trammell challenges use of ventilation.” June 6, 2004.).

Only the people who have ever operated the Metrodome’s air conditioner on/off switch really know the truth. Perhaps MLB should talk to these people (if they haven’t already)?

After originally posting this entry in July 2008, I came across this quote by Ozzie Smith on Wikipedia:

A couple of the balls we hit in the Metrodome were hit solidly, but once they got to a certain point in the outfield, they seemed to stop. Yet some balls that the Twins hit, once they got to the same point, seemed to carry. I don’t have any proof that it was the blowers, and it may or may not be true, but in the back of my mind I will always wonder whether that had something to do with why the Twins were such a different team at home and on the road.” – Ozzie Smith

Photo Credit: Wikipedia user Wahkeenah, from the English Wikipedia

Discussion Question:
1.) If you have been to a Twins game at the Metrodome, do you think it is possible the Twins use the ventilation to their advantage?