Yankees Swindle Fans by Banning Sunscreen


I couldn’t believe this article when I read it (Doctorow, Cory. “New York Yankees ban sunblock “to fight terrorism.”” BoingBoing.com, July 24, 2008.). The Yankees are swindling fans out of their money, and perhaps endangering their health, by barring fans from bringing sunscreen into Yankee Stadium, citing “terrorism” concerns. You can buy sunscreen inside the stadium, of course, 1 ounce will cost you $5 (FYI: that’s way overpriced).

Have the Yankees and their security team completely lost their mind? Is our society now so paranoid about terrorism that people must risk skin cancer for safety?

I urge the Yankees, and Commissioner Selig, to immediately abolish this policy. MLB has done a good deed in the past by promoting sunscreen use, and baseball fans should not be forced to pay the Yankees money in order to protect their skin from UV rays during Major League Baseball games.

(Photo Credit: www.shopbug.com and Banana Boat)

Discussion Question:

1.) How outraged are you about the Yankee’s ban of sunscreen on a scale of one to ten (with one being “not outraged at all” and ten being “extremely outraged”)?

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