Attendance Up, In-Stadium Spending Down in 2008

Good and bad news about the state of MLB in 2008 so far. A Reuters article by Ben Klayman says that attendance will be up, but gives examples of sports fans who are spending less inside the stadium. Here’s the all-important exact quote from the article featuring MLB President Bob DuPuy:

“Baseball, for example, is on track for attendance topping 80 million and revenue of $6.08 billion, both records, despite “some modest decline” in merchandise sales, MLB President Bob DuPuy said.”(Klayman, Ben. “Sports attendance up, hot dog spending down.” June 30, 2008. Reuters.)

It’s about time more fans wised up to the outrageous in-stadium prices some MLB teams have instituted for years. I know at my local MLB stadium, I almost never buy food or drinks inside the stadium. In fact, between about 2001 and 2005, I would only buy one order of nachos out of the twenty or more games I went to per year because the price was so outrageous (a sort of convoluted combination of a`mini protest/tradition). The point is, it shouldn’t take an economic recession to offer fans a break on food and soda prices. What about beer prices you ask? Well, that’s another issue for another day.

Discussion Questions:

1.) Do you believe MLB teams should lower food and merchandising prices in stadiums during the remainder of the 2008 season?


One comment

  1. PWHjort

    Yes, Yes, Yes. I am a season ticket holder at Turner Field, the Atlanta Braves field. It’s ridiculous how much they charge for food and merchandise. I’m not too interested in the merchandise, but 7$ for a Beer, 5$ for a coca-cola 5$ for a hotdog or roasted peanuts! It’s outrageous! I spend 3$ on every ticket, that’s how cheap they are. Then they turn around and charge me more than the ticket price on a coke. I don’t buy beverages in the games anymore. If I’m drinking I’ll smuggle some whisky in and not buy the beer. If I’m not I’ll take my own cokes in. Here’s my proposition. Cut every price in half and don’t allow people to bring in their own food and beverage. Most people will be 20x more willing to pay 3.50$ for a beer than 7$. Here’s another issue. Should they re-open concessions if the game goes to extra innings? What if it’s a 22 inning game like the marathon at Coors field earlier this season. Thats a lot of lost sales.

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